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Friday, January 22, 2010


A friend of the blog wrote the other day and asked for some psych/ garage; I am happy to oblige. Granted my collection of that stuff is smaller than my soul collection, but I love a good psych/beat song as much as the next guy/gal.

This Canadian monster was recorded during a non-hit period for this group that hit big in '65 with 'Shakin' All Over" and then achieved massive success in the late 60's/70's.

In my humble opinion, this and "Shakin" are their two finest blasts, bar none.

TO MY FRIENDS IN EUROPE- I will be visiting quite a few countries in April/ May, then again in July working with a band, and would love to book some DJ gigs on my off nights. I have something booked in London (exciting!) and please contact me if you can help elsewhere.

from 1967...



92.9 KICK-FM said...

AWESOME choice! One of my favorite of the early Guess Who records. They're from my hometown (Winnipeg, MB) and they were like our own personal Beatles back-in-the-day.

YankeeBoy said...

I gotta agree with 92.9 - this is one great record. Too bad they became AOR Led Zep wannabees. With your great taste in music I would love to hear your band. Perhaps you can post something sometime.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Derek!! RobD

Derek See said...

Yankeeboy, there are a few places you can hear (both) of my bands.

Careless Hearts (roots rock)


Then I'm also in girl group "The Bang" check us out here:

mister mark said...

yep, this is a fucking monster of a record!

Paul said...

Curious, what's the A-side?

risser said...

Sweet tune! Thanks!

Poison Ivy said...

Where are you DJing in London, Derek? Hit me up, I may able to help you out! snuffkittenATgmail.com

92.9 KICK-FM said...

The A side to this was the more serene "His Girl."