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Saturday, March 6, 2010


With a who's who of British rock n' blues musicians enlisted as backing musicians, New Yorker Martha Velez cut this record (which also ended up on her debut LP) in the UK with producer Mike Vernon.

The other side seems to get more attention (it's a version of Etta James' "Tell Mama") but I am much more partial to this side, which is oozing with raw funkiness with Martha's brassy voice riding high over the top.

Martha's career has also included not only a fair bit of acting, but also a stint in the mid-70's recording in Jamaica with Bob Marley.

from 1969...



Dominic said...

Who are teh musicians playing on this that we'd know about? THis track is senstational.

Rockin' Jeff said...

This song just blew my mind! Who's in the backing band?

Ryan W said...

This is the same song as the Sarofeen & Smoke record. Both versions are great!

רסיבר said...

Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, Mitch Mitchell, Paul Kossoff, Jim Capaldi, Christine Perfect [Christine McVie], Brian Auger, Keef Hartley and [it is rumoured] Jimi Hendrix!
Johnny Almond - saxophone (John Mayall, Mark-Almond)
Brian Auger - organ (Brian Auger & Trinity, Oblivion Express)
Dave Bidwell - drums (Chicken Shack, Savoy Brown)
Duster Bennett - harmonica (Champion Jack Dupree, B.B.King)
Jack Bruce - bass (Cream)
Jim Capaldi - drums (Traffic)
Eric Clapton - guitar (Cream, Blind Faith)
Jeff Condon - horns (Mark-Almond)
Rick Hayward - guitar (Mike Vernon, Christine Perfect)
Spit James - guitar (Keef Hartley Band)
Paul Kossoff - guitar (Free)
Christine McVie - keyboards (Chicken Shack, Fleetwood Mac)
Chris Mercer - saxophone (Keef Hartley Band, Juicy Lucy, John Mayall)
Mitch Mitchell - drums (Jimi Hendrix, Roger Chapman, Eire Apparent)
Terry Noonan - horns (Keef Hartley Band, Chicken Shack, Champion Jack Dupree)
Bud Parkes - horns (Julie Driscoll, Alex Harvey, Wishbone Ash)
Andy Silvester - bass (Chicken Shack, Savoy Brown, Chris Youlden)
Derek Wadsworth - horns (Ginger Baker, Colosseum, Manfred Mann, Julie Driscoll)
Blue Weaver - keyboards (Strawbs, Bee Gees, Keef Hartley Band, Roger Chapman, Grease Band, etc.)
Stan Webb - guitar (Chicken Shack, Savoy Brown, Champion Jack Dupree)
Chris Wood - saxophone (Traffic, Jimi Hendrix, Shawn Phillips)