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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


With a voice as sweet as sugar ("Domino" was his adopted name, after the brand of sugar), Renaldo Domino, with better exposure, could have (should have) been a massive star. Releasing a precious few seven 45 RPM records, this Chicago singer just never could get a break, commercially and dropped out of the business in the early 70's.

The story has a happy ending, though. Thanks in part to soul fans worldwide and the efforts of the excellent Numero Group label and their exhaustive reissuing of obscure soul, Renaldo is singing in public again.

This early effort is a catchy, well arranged song with incredible vocals (of course) that truly should have been a hit. An attempt was made twice; this same song was also released the previous year by Smash records as Renaldo's debut single.

from 1968...


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Raggedy said...

I love that song. Renaldo reminds me a bit of Smokey. Thanks for sharing this one.