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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Suggested by the brother of Patti (of the Patti & Linda duo who made up 2 Of Clubs) after he heard the track as a Petula Clark b-side, 2 Of Clubs cut this astonishing debut single at King Studio, Cincinnati.

Both Linda and Patti worked as singers at a Cincinnati nightclub called Guys & Dolls, and it was eventually suggested that the two sing together; a fantastic suggestion, as they voices blend together perfectly.

The group cut a handful of great singles; most of which did well regionally (this one did big business in Chicago as well) but the group never had the push to national attention that they deserved.

Read more about 2 Of Clubs at the always excellent Spectropop website.

from 1966...



sewa mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Ravel said...

Pet Clark's tune is on her LP Petula 65, something I listened to a lot as a kid. It's GREAT to hear another version. Love it! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The singing is great, but WHO IS THAT DRUMMER?!



Mike said...

The Remains (aka Barry & The Remains) out of Boston also recorded a great version of this for Epic in July 1966. Petula had some really good non-hits in those days. Life and Soul of the Party, Gotta Tell the World, You're The One (which she also wrote) come to mind.

plasticsun said...

The great Boston band the Remains did a version of this song.