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Friday, June 17, 2011


Lloyd Price has had an incredible career; not only as an excellent singer whose work was at the forefront of New Orleans r&b, he has also had second and third careers as record exec (he released one of Wilson Pickett's first records, f'rinstance) and a restaurateur and foodie. The stuff of legend!

On this track, we find Lloyd adapting to the sounds of 1965 VERY well, and swinging like a pendulum! And how about those haunting backing vocals? YES.

from 1965...



Dewey Freed said...

Hi Derek,
It's so good to be back on your blog and to be able to listen to your wonderful music throughout divshare again.
Now I've got some weeks of vacation to enjoy all the posts that I missed.
Beginning with the great Lloyd Price, I think that I will have a hell of a good time!

Once again Derek, thank you for all the awesome music.

TheCzarsOf45 said...

Hi Derek,

Love your blog vastly. My own blog links to yours. Lloyd Price made superb records in that era. One of his best records, "Oh, Lady Luck" is. I'm now looking for my own copy. Suggestion for you, seek out the vastly underrated "Hooked On A Feeling" on Scepter. He's backed with the Fame Studios house band. That 45 cooks and never lets up. My blog is www.theczarsof45.blogspot.com and is shared with my partner, Nathan Moses. Come visit us. We love you, Derek and look forward to new content.