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Monday, June 20, 2011


Featuring one of the greatest drummers in history (Sam Lay) and arguably the two greatest white US bluesmen (Paul Butterfield on vocals/harp, and Michael Bloomfield on guitar), the original Butterfield band was bursting at the seams with talent.

It's unclear when this single-only release was cut; some sources say before the 1965 self titled debut LP (relatively straight Chicago blues); but, as it seems to have been released shortly afterwords, it seems like a great transition piece to 1966's more experimental "East West" LP.

"Come On In" shows the band right at home with the then current soul/r&b market in this blazing 2 minute slab of soul/beat that was distilled through the funky waters of this great period of Chicago blues.

Hipper than hip.

from 1965...



Anonymous said...

thanks man. i love this fuckin' song. Paul g.

Rockin' Jeff said...

What a righteous jam. I'm a fan of those early Butterfield blues band records, and have never heard this one. Thanks!

Texas Tom said...

This was recorded around the time of the East West sessions. It was their last stab at a hit single. Flip side is from East West LP but this track did not make the cut. Too bad. Love the song. Drummer is Billy Davenport, not Sam Lay, on this one.