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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The names listed on this label are a veritable roll call of soul geniuses from Chicago and beyond. The song is written by Van McCoy (one of my favorite songwriters of the 60's who has had dozens of his records featured on this site), it was produced by Chicago's amazing Carl Davis (whose resume includes work with Major Lance, Billy Butler, The Chi-Lites and so many more), directed by Gerald Sims (vocalist of the Daylighters & The Radiants, guitarist, songwriter, producer), and arranged by Sonny Sanders (right hand man to Carl Davis, and a veteran of the early '60's Detroit scene as well.) Add the amazing vocals of Jackie Wilson and this record is plain and simply a done deal.

It was a brilliant career move that brought Jackie Wilson into the Chicago soul scene (and specifically under the wing of producer Carl Davis) in 1966; Jackie's dozens upon dozens of solo records cut between '57- '66 were produced in New York City by Dick Jacobs, and these big productions are just as important as the work of Sam Cooke in defining pop-soul music.

This particular record was the 5th release by the Wilson/ Davis team, and the combination of Jackie's emotive voice, sophisticated songs and arrangements were a winning formula; one that resulted in their sixth release together being the smash hit "Higher And Higher".

from 1967...



DJWaterman said...

There's that bit in the fade out where it almost sounds like he say's "I'm gonna kiss you in the morning where the sun don't shine" I've always preferred to believe that was intentional but who knows, probably not.

TheCzarsOf45 said...

This is one of my favorite Jackie Wilson 45 singles of the era. Scored a Near Mint copy for $1. Bought this one unheard, play it a lot. A great uptempo mover.