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Thursday, May 2, 2013


"Emulsified" is one of those classic tracks that takes the fire and brimstone testimonials of gospel music and strips away the religion entirely and creates something downright lascivious! Just the way we like it.

Rex Garvin's life in music began at a very young age (17, in the year 1954) when he became a member of New York City (mostyl female) doo wop group The Hearts; young Rex sang bass, wrote and arranged songs, and played piano. Rex also scored a massive hit as a songwriter before his 20th birthday with Johnnie & Joe's "Over The Mountain, Across The Sea"; an r&b record that crossed over to the pop charts.

"Emulsified" was Rex' first release as a bandleader, and what a STOMPING debut it is! Okeh, the Epic Records r&b offshoot branch, clearly saw the hit potential- which was not realized upon initial release- and reissued this single in 1963. Sadly, it still didn't make much of a dent.

Rex scored another hit in '66 with "Sock It To 'Em, J.B"- a James Brown influenced number that references another J.B that was taking the world by storm in the mid-'60's...James Bond!

Rex Garvin seems to have disappeared from the music business entirely in 1971, but is believed to still be alive.

from 1961...


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The Silver Symbol Orchestra said...

Have you heard "Believe It Or Not" by RG? It's insane.