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Saturday, May 18, 2013


Turns out that the last Spectorian-masterpiece girl group record wasn't, in fact, cut by Phil Spector. This record is a smouldering pot of greatness that may have been seen as slightly out of step at the time, but certainly incorporated a psychedelic air that was very much of the times. L.A based management team discovered the three young ladies who made up The Cake while they were harmonizing together in a New York club, and immediately got to work on getting them a record deal. A deal with Decca Records came about quickly, and the ladies (Jeanette Jacobs, Barbara Morillo and Eleanor Barooshian) were off to L.A to record with Green And Stone as producers, as well as Dr. John collaborator Harold Battiste. In fact, it's essentially Dr. John and band that play on this record.

Dangerous Minds presented an exhaustive chronicle of the group here, but for the sake of brevity I'll just say that this record (their debut 45) did not do as well commercially as expected, and their two albums (the second completed after the group has disbanded) also failed to slice their way to the top.

from 1967...




Anonymous said...

I love this 45. I have the earlier version by the Fashions but it's not nearly as good.

Les Toil said...

Derek, this song has been a personal favorite of mine for quite a few years now. If ever the realm of girl groups had a cult classic, this song would qualify. It's just so nice on the ears.

Having looked at the handful of The Cake's TV performances, I still am not 100% sure why the one girl (that died at a young age) didn't move during their performances, but I'm guessing the most believable reason is because of her medical condition which, I believe, is what ultimately took her life.