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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Today's entry is a great example of the ridiculous and sublime walking hand in hand...

The Percells formed in Long Island, NY by singer Gail Jones (while still in high school) and Jean Marie Johnson, then added Joan Paulin and Betty Lloyd to the group. Spectropop has about as comprehensive of a recount of the group as anyone could imagine here, but in a nutshell the group were mentored by a band called The Chants, whose drummer John Linde and guitarist Pete Antell (both just out of their teens) took on the production and writing for The Percells. The Chants had the distinct honor of not only touring Italy in the early '60's, but also recording some singles specifically for the Italian market (as Pete Antell & The American Twisters); this was NOT common for American groups.

While this record could be construed as a kitschy novelty (which I'm typically not a fan of), there's something much hipper happening here, and I find it infectious as all get-out. The production is far sparser than is normally heard on a girl group record of the era, (just guitar, bass and drums) but it helps frame the superb guitar twang-out performed by the records' co-writer/ co-producer and band member Pete Antell.

None of the Percells four records (this was their second) made any inroads commercially. Gail Jones has been active as a gospel singer since the 1980's, and while the others have fond memories of their time as Percells, their professional singing days ended in 1964.

from 1963...


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Ratfinkie said...

I have this 45. I found it years ago in a junk shop in Niles, CA. Thanks for posting it.