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Saturday, May 25, 2013


From the northernmost tip of England (Newcastle), Skip Bifferty was founded from the remains of (yet another) band called The Chosen Few in 1966. The group was picked up for management by the notorious thug Don Arden, who was also managing The Small Faces at the time. Arden's business tactics of violence and aggression were well known, and it's no surprise that the group broke up in early '68 due to managerial conflicts. Luckily, none of the band members had limbs broken by Arden or his goon squad! The same members reformed as Heavy Jelly later in the year, and took on a more "progressive" sound.

But as for this record (their debut), it's one of THE most perfect sides of 1967 style psychedelic beat music. I first heard it on the amazing and essential Bomp records compilation Electric Sugarcube Flashback all those years ago; it's still the top collection of UK psych-beat in my book (thank you once again, Greg Shaw).

from 1967...


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Colin Mason said...

Produced by Vic Smith who for some reason changed his name to Vic Coppersmith-Heaven.
He's probably better known for producing The Jam in the late 70s.