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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Ode Records believed in this record strongly, as they issued it twice with two different catalog numbers (once in '67 then again in '69). It *is* an amazing track, but the dark, melancholy sound is not obvious hit material. Darlene Love turns in a typically amazing performance here (but would we expect anything less?)

The history of this group is incredibly complex, and I prefer not to get too wordy on my posts so I'll leave it at this. While the Blossoms had a number of personnel changes since their 50's inception, the Blossoms who are most well known (appeared on the Shindig TV show) included Gloria Jones (who was out of the group by the time of this release) and (lead singer) Darlene Love (who also recorded with Phil Spector not only under her own name but as a backing singer and also a lead on cuts by The Crystals (who were actually the Blossoms under another name).

from 1967...


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