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Friday, December 30, 2011


Hailing from southern California, Chris (Ducey) and Craig (Smith) were early pioneers of the type of psychedelic sounds that incorporate middle eastern sounding melodies (aka "raga rock") that were explored more deeply in 1967-68. Behind all the droning, though, is an excellent, catchy beat number from this pair that, shortly after the release of this single, formed a group called The Penny Arkade. The saga of that group is fascinating, and it involves music, money, drugs, intrigue and madness (read Richie Unterberger's excellent account here.

This duo showed a massive amount of potential that, apparently, was never fully realized.

from 1966...


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Desmond said...

Holy head, you just keep on finding these things. It's so contemporary really, some cute young band with the right look and a cool clip could make money serious money ripping this off.

Timmy said...

Dude, this could be the bestest 45 you have ever posted.