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Saturday, December 17, 2011


While it's certainly not uncommon for a British release to go unissued in the United States, here's the curious case of a British hit-making group and a single that was ONLY issued in the US (and a small handful of European countries)!

Hailing from the UK midlands region (the industrial city of Birmingham), the Fortunes came around at the right time; their excellent harmonies were matched to the incredible song "If You've Got Troubles" (their fifth single) which was a worldwide smash in 1965, and with a quality that was practically on par with the other major players, it lumped in perfectly with the British Invasion.

By 1969, the hits had dried up, and the group was finding its biggest success in commercial jingles(!) as their brand of Brit beat had basically become passe. On a whim, the group covered The Move's UK hit "Fire Brigade" for the US market, in a record that captures, in essence, the last gasp of the swinging London/ mod beat style. Sadly, it sunk without a trace without any chart action.

The Fortunes DID hit big in the US two years later, with the excellent single "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again".

from 1969...


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