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Thursday, December 8, 2011


I had the honor of spinning records before the mighty Iggy & The Stooges took the stage at San Francisco's Warfield Theater for two nights. Unfortunately, we blew it with the recording of the second night's set, but here's the first night. download as a ZIP file with tracklist. Nothing can compare to the righteousness of hearing this records loud thru the massive Warfield PA, but turn it up anyhow.

This was a "full circle" night for me- I first heard James Brown when I was 7 played as set opening music for Iggy, and my mom told me who it was and it began my love and passion for soul music. Here it is, 30 years later and "Live At the Apollo" is still played before Ig takes the stage!

WARFIELD 12/4/11


DaveO said...

woah.. your mom took you to see Iggy when you were 7 ?! How cool is she..wow! And awesome that you got to dj at Stooges gig after all those years.

Anonymous said...

Hey Derek, My brother and I were in the balcony enjoying your DJ set before Iggy. And were surprised to see you pulling him from the crowd later that night.

Anonymous said...

I love this. I loved the music, the mix and the feel. You're amazing. The show was awesome too. xo Jamie

Derek See said...

THANK YOU Jamie!!!