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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This group is, undoubtedly, a different group than the one with the same name featured a few months ago ("We Got Togetherness") although there is seemingly an odd coincidence. The previously featured Jewels (aka The Family Jewel) was a Lady Bo (from the Bo Diddley band) fronted group, and these Jewels (from Washington DC) were also affiliated with Bo (who cut their debut single for Checker Records). Hmmmm....

Anyhow, this exceptionally great girl group cut did make the pop charts (#64) in the year that Billboard stopped using an R&B chart, which tells me that single must have been a huge seller. Much has been made of the fact that, with their skewed combination of (white) airplay and sales the Billboard charts have had an unfair advantage against R&B records, and I firmly believe it. Considering the sheer NUMBERS and quantity of some of these great records out there 'in the field", they sold a helluva lot more than the bigoted charts would indicate.

And they sold well for good reason.

from 1964...


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