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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Long believed to be a Detroit based artist, while trolling the web for info on Gloria (alas, there's hardly any out there) I've come to find that she is from the Toledo, Ohio area (which is where this record was cut, I believe). No surprise that she was believed to be part of the Detroit scene, as this record certainly has the kind of (almost spooky) vibe that we hear on, say, Pat Lewis' brilliant motor-town releases.

This is a highly unusual record and arrangement (co-arranged by the singer, which is also unusual) and the W. Whisenhunt name seen on the labels is said to be her husband.

from 1971...


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Darcy said...

I love this and all her output in the 70s on Selector Sound. The arrangements are seriously weird (disturbing, even). Walt had his name all over her records but some things I've read indicate he was taking credit where it wasn't due (not unusual I suppose back then).

You set me off on another internet trawl.
Gloria and Walter's full story would be a good one to hear I'm betting. Maybe we will soon know more - see here (if you haven't already): http://soulfuldetroit.com/showthread.php?2063-Gloria-(Ann)-Taylor

Perhaps this was recorded in Detroit?

Desmond said...

Well this is all new to me, but the arrangement manages to be familiar and strange all at the same time. It's an awesome track.

Dr. Clysmok said...

Y'know folks, Toledo is only 45 minutes outside of Detroit, so it only stands to reason that she probably recorded in Detroit.

Timmy said...

Dude, THIS also could be the bestest 45 you ever posted. I mean, even if I had lice, I would play this tune untill I was too tired to play it no more.

Bakker said...

oh man -- the divshare link is expired, I guess, so I checked this out on Youtube. Incredible!! I'm on a Gloria (Ann) Taylor / Walter Whisenhunt search rampage now.
(...aaand mostly it's just poor quality youtubes of things. Sad. Any chance for a repost of this?)