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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Ann Arbor, MI native Deon Jackson ended his recording career on a very classy note with this record. Deon's career began in 1964, when, fresh out of high school, he was discovered by brilliant producer Ollie McLaughlin. A year later he scored a massive hit with the beautiful "Love Makes The World Go Round". Deon continued to release records in that vein which showed off his gorgeous, clear tenor voice. He is now a principle at a suburban Illinois high school!

Soul fans will always love Deon Jackson.

from 1969...


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wilfofhove said...

RIP Howard Tate. Few voices were more soulful.

Pete W said...

Derek, forgive me, but as a grammatical and spelling pedant from way back I have to point out that, although Mr Jackson may well be a man of principLE, he is in fact a school principAL. It's the principLE of the thing you see (and that's the principAL thing I was going to say...)
Nice track though - right in that delightful early-to-mid 60s cool-soul bag like "Hello Stranger" and "Two Lovers" for instance!

Derek See said...

You're absolutely right, a silly typo on my part. I am my own sound producer, audio engineer, graphic designer, writer, editor and publisher. Occasionaly liddle mitsakes happpen. Butt vary rarelee.

Pete W said...

Quite right too, and good for you - one thing I've learnt is "never delegate"!