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Monday, March 19, 2012


While the song itself isn't much on its own, the overall production of this records MAKES IT, in my opinion. I get completely engulfed in the excellent fuzzed out guitar, that stomping beat, and the fantastic vocals.

The Chicks were teenage sisters Judy (b 1950) & Sue Donaldson (b 1952) who grew up on a farm in Auckland, NZ after moving their from their native Wellington, NZ. Auckland was one of the most amazing places I've ever visited; the hilly city has a great vibe in general, and it's located in the middle of some extraordinary natural beauty (the beach made famous in the film "The Piano' is near Auckland). Needless to say, I was very happy to find this record in Auckland!

There's nothing like sibling harmonies, and Judy & Sue sound downright heavenly on this track.

from 1967...


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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr See,
Thanks for posting the Chicks 7" of Gotta See My Baby Everyday. The Chicks were a pop sensation in New Zealand in the 1960's. They split up in 1970.

Suzanne had a fine solo career too as Suzanne and Suzanne Lynch. After marrying bass player Bruce Lynch she moved to London, England where she worked as a session musician until she became a regular part of Cat Stevens' vocal group and appeared on several of his albums until he gave up recording after his religious conversion. She lives and works in Auckland.

The original is by Sandy Shaw from 1965. From: Johnnie K Auckland New Zealand.

Derek See said...

THANK YOU Johnnie!!!!

Nathan said...

Link isn't showing :( I really want this (In flac or wav if possible) as I'm a collector of NZ music. I've got their first LP up on my blog, and I've also got other stuff of their's from cd that I can shove up too.