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Friday, March 9, 2012


This was a record that I'd sought out for many many years to no avail; I first heard it on a Laurie Records oldies comp that I've had since I was a kid which improperly billed the artist as "Carlo" and not The Endless Pulse.

Turns out Carlo is Carlo Mastrangelo, who was one of Dion's Belmonts. So the billing on the LP was sorta right but DAMN was it frustrating for the longest time trying to even find any info on this song; and it's one hell of a groovy song!

Luckily, my main man Eric (who also happens to be highly recommended ebay seller mod9933) had a copy of this record on his auction list; I listened to it figuring it was another version of the same track that I dug. Lo and behold, it was the same record I'd been seeking out!

And today I'm happy to share this excellent record with YOU that I've been enjoying since 1985!!!!!

from 1968...


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RecordCollector said...

Great one! I've been a Carlo fan since I was a kid. On the Ace CD CDCHD 251 'Carlo & The Belmonts' they don't mention Endless Pulse.

saomusubi said...

Thanks a lot!

Todd said...

Can hardly believe you posted this! I've had my eye out for this since 1992, when I read about it in a 1986 Goldmine. Thank you!