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Saturday, March 17, 2012


Hailing from Grosse Point, MI (an affluent suburb of Detroit), this is the final single from The Underdogs, and was also an attempt by Motown's Berry Gordy to break into the rock n roll market.

While he showed his always excellent taste in signing this talented group, their fantastic cover of Chris Clark's (another white Motown artist) "Love's Gone Bad" did not break nationally.

While the vocals hear don't hold a candle to Chris Clark's transcendent performance, this version still kicks, and shows what a shame it is that the Motown drum sound and overall production wasn't heard on more garage rock records in the '60's.

One of Holland-Dozier-Holland's greatest tunes, and one that should have been a massive smash hit.

from 1966...


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While I'm at it, I can't resist adding this video of my band (The Bang Girl Group Revue) performing 'Love's Gone Bad". That's my lovely wife Angeline taking the lead vocals, and I'm on guitar.


Holly said...

Great video! :-) Looks like y'all put on an awesome show.

Derek See said...

thanks Holly :-)