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Monday, March 12, 2012


This record is proof that much great music develops in places that are NOT major cities.

Adelaide, Australia is VERY isolated- I was there a year ago on tour, and was surprised to see just how "suburban" this small city felt, and it definitely had the feel of being in a bit of a cultural bubble (and I do not mean that as a slam against the people of Adelaide who were very friendly), in addition to being a bit of a port/ industrial wasteland.

Australia had an incredibly fertile music scene in the 60's, with its most famous export being The Easybeats. However, there were PLENTY more great groups operating that were a practical mirror image of what was happening in the UK, with the majority of the records seeing Australian/ New Zealand releases only.

On this side, the Vibrants (from Adelaide) start off in 5th gear and don't back off of the redline for the full 2 minutes 33 seconds of beat bliss in this Four Tops cover. I especially love those (intentionally) discordant vocal harmonies post-chorus when they sing "sweet sweet". Exciting stuff!

from 1967...


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Anonymous said...

agree. I've been doing research from old Billboard mags and the Australia charts were great. Beatles' "Cry For a Shadow" went to #1 in '64. Plus they had a surfing scene and the charts reflected that too.