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Monday, March 5, 2012


I'm afraid that this record is a complete mystery, and I can't offer any biographical info about the band. My guess is that it's probably a New York City studio concoction designed to capitalize on the booglaoo craze of '67. I can say almost unequivocally that I've never met a boogaloo record that I did not like. Sounds to me like the singer is a native Spanish speaker, but I'm not the best judge of these things. Whatever the backstory, this record cooks.

from 1967...


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Count Reeshard said...

Thanks, Derek, for sharing this great boogaloo single. Is it possible to download this?

ana-b said...

I don't have any info on the band....but happen to know the song really well.

It was originally recorded as "The Monkey's Guapacha [Mono-Monito]" in the late 50's. It's a pre-boogaloo cha cha cha/pachanga thing by Randy Carlos.

Mono=monkey, monito=little monkey.

ana-b said...

Probably of little interest, but 'mono-monito' may actually translate as 'little blond monkey'.

Generally speaking, 'mono' does mean monkey, but I just ran across something which says that in Venezuela, which is where Randy Carlos was from, 'mono/mona' can also mean 'blond'.

So maybe it's a play on words?

naguiar2003 said...

It sounds like the lead singer is a native spanish speaker, indeed, and the recording is entirely latin in fashion. By the way, Mono means Monkey in Spanish.
This Mono is not a one-channel recording. Great post!

Álvaro Tarik said...

Definitely, it sounds like foreign Spanish to me, I can tell you :)