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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Even though New York based Billy Hambric released a handful of 45's, little is known about him, and even the exact release date of this record is unknown (Fury records catalog numbers did not seem to follow a logical sequence)!

Whatever the story, this is an incredible slice of driving r&b with some fantastic, gritty vocals from Mr Hambric. I'm guessing the year.

from c1965...

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ana-b said...

I've never heard this one before. Thanks.

It uses the same backing track as Joe Haywood's version released on Robinson's Enjoy label in 1965. Larry Lucie gets credit for the arrangement on that 45. I have no proof, but I think Sterling Magee might be on guitar.

That's not the label design used on the last Fury releases, so yeah I'm thinking it's '65 or '66....probably released after Haywood's version simply because the credit to Lucie is missing, and well, wouldn't make sense to release both versions at exactly the same time, would it?

Merry Christmas to you and your's...and a bazillion thanks for all the great tunes.