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Friday, December 10, 2010


43 years ago today, the world lost the greatest singer who ever walked the face of the earth. While I've never featured any Otis records on this blog (as they are such a part of our consciousness, I never felt it necessary to spread the word), I would count myself as his biggest fan and feel it's about time to pay tribute (and way past due, I might add).

With some of the most incredible backing ever put to wax, thanks to Booker T & The MG's, Otis turns the Stones classic protest/ gripe song into an AFFIRMATIVE statement; got to GET some satisfaction. Where Mick was just content to complain, Otis took matters into his own hands on this reworking where he DEMANDS satisfaction.

The music of Otis Redding will live on as long as human beings continue to have ears and hearts.

from 1966...


Anonymous said...

The Big O was one of those talents, like Buddy Holly, who was lost just when they were really beginning to expand and experiment with new directions, which only makes his loss to the music world the sadder. He remains a towering figure. W.

Jem said...

I love this version of Satisfaction. It's great to hear it on the original 45. Thank you!

Greenockian said...

You can NOT go wrong in my book with any Otis number. The man was a deity. His "Otis Blue" album was almost compulsory listening for mods and rude boys when I were a lad and remains one of my favourites today.
Here he is live - very much alive too!

Derek See said...

W, I agree completely with the Buddy Holly analogy! Greenockian, "Otis Blue" is one for the ages!!!!