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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Here's a great record from a singer that is unjustifiably obscure; produced, arranged and written by the great Eugene Record (Chi-Lites), this top notch song should have been a massive hit. It was released on a Brunswick subsidiary so distribution wasn't a factor. Another example of a great one lost in the shuffle. Little is known about Wales, other than that he later became a member of the Steelers, and he was a friend of Eugene Record and Barbara Acklin.

The song itself is of the typical high quality of Eugene's writing (which was some of the finest of the early 70's), the arrangement is fantastic, and Wales vocal delivery is simply awesome. Great backing vocals (probably the Chi-Lites) and a particularly cool ending tag. It all adds up to a perfect side.

from 1970...


Steve said...

Nice tune. Great percussion. I'm still stuck on the Lanny Hunt song from last month. The background singers on that track take it to another level. And Lanny sure put some feeling into that as well.
Thanks Derek!!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool!!!...just found your site (from a link on the 'largeheartedboy' website)...my brother used to run 'dancehalls' in Montreal in the 60's...I grew up listening to all the 45's on a small (cheap) record player...that early listening got me hooked on R&B, Soul & Blues, which I will always love...looking forward to hearing all the great tunes...an awesome site!!!...thanks....Eddy

Anonymous said...

Derek, wanted to thank you for all the great music this year, your blog is a true gem, and I always look forward to seeing what goodies you've posted on a daily basis.

Want to wish you a very happy new year for 2011, continued success, and please don't stop posting wicked tunes. You're a don!

Best - Alex, London.

BoyRed said...

This is superb. Wales is definitely a big Sam Cooke fan as his vocal style is similar and that's no bad thing. You're right Eugene Record's stamp is all over this - is a great combination