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Friday, December 24, 2010


Here's an incredible double-sided bit of holiday wonderment from the master. Released in 1968 (exactly one year after Otis' tragic death), this superb record showcases the two sides of Otis; his reading of the perennial "Merry Christmas Baby" shows his uptempo driving vocals, while his take on "White Christmas" shows that this man could pull so much emotion out of a ballad and turn a song completely into his own.

Happy holidays, all: thank you for your kind words and comments which help keep this labor of loving going strong, three years down the line!




Perrata 2000 said...
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Howdy said...

Merry Christmas Derek!! Thanks for a year of great tunes!

brianbrora said...

Great post - Otis was THE Man....Merry Christmas and long may your blog continue.

Michael said...

Thank you for this one Derek. Your timing is perfect - and I'm not just referring to the Christmas season. I was just in the process of compiling everything I could find of Otis - my favorite singer ('tho I can alternate between him & Sam Cooke). A 'Best Of' CD and 5 of his albums is just not enough of this master stylist for me.
And lo' - you post this double-sided gem - 2 tracks I had never heard before. Thank you thank you - one of the highlights of my year. Keep up the great work.

Mick from Australia

cedric verhaeghe said...

hi Derek
i can't play the second tune
is it a bug or my computer ?

Derek See said...

Just checked it and it seems to be working fine; must be a bug, Cedric!