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Thursday, December 9, 2010


With a very complex history of different lineups, bogus groups and cash ins, there were many great Detroit productions using a group called the Holidays (and, in some cases "The Hollidays".)

I especially dig the sweet strings countering the raw vocals and hard hitting drums and bass. Motown's "Funk Brothers" were known to have done some moonlighting around town, playing on sessions for Revilot and Ric Tic. while there is no documentation (this was done on the hush hush to save the musicians the wrath of Berry Gordy), I would bet that they are heard on this track (especially in the bubbling bass sound as exemplified by the legendary James Jamerson). Exciting stuff!

from 1967...

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Anonymous said...

So far, I've never heard a bad Revilot record, nor anything that I haven't liked by the "Holidays" (whoever they were). Thanks very much, Derek. Marie