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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


From Tulsa, OK singer Paulette Parker (briefly) was one of Ike & Tina's Ikettes circa 1967. This was her debut record as a solo artist, and she had one followup on Duke records in 1970. After these releases she went back to her given name (I think) Maxayn Lewis and recorded some highly regarded funk throughout the 70's. With a voice like hers, she could seemingly have done anything!

My question for the day is WHERE are singers of this caliber today in popular music???? With the exception of Sharon Jones, I am not hearing the caliber of singers that were seemingly everywhere during this era. Please let me know if I'm missing something.

from 1969...


Anonymous said...

You're spot on again! Thanks Derek. Marie

Anonymous said...

Nice one. She did an album, Mindful, in '72-'73 which was also produced by Andre Williams. W.

John Sieger said...

Derek... I live in Milwaukee. There are hundreds of great singers of this quality. You can hear them in the little gospel churches. That style, as you know, was born there and, with slow demise of soul over the years, lives there to this day. It has been my privelege to play guitar for The Masonic Wonders, who feature one the most intensely soulful singers I've ever heard, Charles McCullum.His wife,
Jesse, is a singer with Queens Of harmony, an acapella gospel group. Thank you for your fine work. I wish people in America knew whata treasure they have.