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Sunday, December 19, 2010


This is not the famous UK band that began life in the late '70's, but a Chicago based group that seemingly only cut this one record. That's all I know, I'm afraid (and have no idea of the actual year, either).

Whatever the story (and if you know more, please write!), this is an absolutely gorgeous piece from the group harmony resurgence that started in the late '60's.

from c1969...


Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon this site today.
Great songs and i really like the singles picture to it. Keep on keepin' on! Thanks for this music!
Cheers from Amsterdam.

Anonymous said...

considering it isn't The Specials from the two tone side of things, funny coincidence that the Satch logo has a checker board pattern!

RICCARDO said...

arranger billy mcgregor of mr shy fame also wrote and produced several cuts by the cod's - chicago southside soul