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Saturday, December 11, 2010


An absolutely STORMING track! Every second of this track from the double time drum intro to Gigi's massive performance just flat out COOKS.

Other than the familiar name Vernon Harrell on the label (he wrote "Seven Days Too Long" for Chuck Wood among a handful of other incredible tracks) I can't find any hard facts on who Little Gigi is/ was, other than she cut a duo record with Vernon (haven't heard it, but it's certainly on my radar as one to check out.)

from 1965...


DaveO said...

Great one Derek.. Thanks. Little GiGi also did 'Take the Bitter with the Sweet' on Select. Not as good as this one but still a stormer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3Yo3ebvoto

Cheers, Dave

DaveO said...

Dug around a bit more.. She also did a couple of 45's on New York label Seg-Way:
1010 Gigi - This Time Next Summer / Little Bit of Lovin'
1011 Little Gigi - Ha Ha / Almost Persuaded
I found a sound clip of the first one and it's good early 60's soul/pop.

All 5 45's she did are Straight Ahead Rythym Productions. I found a comment on a blog about the GiGi single "The soul harmony singles book lists the singer as Jean Grace." Jean Grace is credited on most of the 45's. Also found a bit from BillBoard 17 Oct 1964 - "Mrs Jean Grace, composer - arranger at Straight Ahead Rhthym inc going into radio-tv production, Doles Dickens to be musical director of their first tv show titled "All Around the World of Music". But beyond that I can't find any more info on Jean Grace..!

jaytingle said...

Ryp posted "Baby Don't Cha Worry" back when he ran the "Get Back Up Again" compilation series.

Gyro1966 said...

Great stuff, Derek!

Jem said...

Outstanding tune. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Derek & Dave, I have first hand info regarding Little GiGi. Jean Grace was Little GiGi's Manager. Little GiGi is alive and doing well, and she still can blow, how do I know? she's my mom.

Debra If you'd like any more info feel free to contact me at dands499@aol.com

Anonymous said...

Greetings Gentlemen First off and foremost "Thanks for remembering me" To set the record straight Jean Grace was my manager and all recordings were done by GiGi. For more information, Little GiGi a/k/a Gloria Glenn can be reached at gglenn1@optimum.net