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Monday, October 1, 2012


First off, I have to mention that this track has some of the coolest stops and dramatic pauses that I can think of on record; one of which shows the incredible power and control which Freddie Scott had over his voice.

Freddie's career (as not only a singer but a songwriter as well) began in the fifties, until the military draft pulled him out of music for a few years. He returned to the United States as a civilian and got a foot in the door at the Brill Building in New York City. After working as a writer and producer for a few years, the Colpix label tried to reshape him into a pop crooner, and they had a hit with "Hey Girl" in 1963. It wasn't until legendary producer Bert berns took on Freddie that his true potential was reached.

After Bert Berns tragic passing, Freddie was without a label (he recorded for Berns' Shout! record label for three years). A few sides on a tiny label was followed up by an LP and this single for ABC records; although this track showed that the voice was still there (in one of his finest performances), ABC didn't have any success with Scott. Freddie released two singles after this, then left the business of being a recording artist and wrote commercial jingles and got into acting.

from 1970...



Mark said...

Holy smokes! Totally nailing it.

Unknown said...

love it!

waarschuwing said...

Phenomenal band and a stellar voice. This setup can turn ANY song into a scorcher.

The song made it my mission in life to seek out the lp 'i shall be released'. Now playing, and again, wow.

Thank you Mr. See.

RilCal72 said...

Great song. I wonder if you have "Where's the Girl". It's a great song, but I feel like I'm the only one who thinks so - can't find it anywhere to hear.