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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


While much of the '60's 45 RPM magic had left the Motown family by the early '70's, there were still a great number of cool singles released that never achieved the type of chart success that the label was having consistently through the golden years.

Posse were a group that were taken under the wing of Temptation Eddie Kendricks, who also produces the track. I really dig how the track updates the '60's Motown sound for the early '70's (with congas and a slightly funkier backbeat) but still retains the type of joyous feeling found on the great Motown records.

Posse released at least one more 45 on Janus records, then seem to have disappeared.

from 1971...


1 comment:

scott said...

Is there any chance of playing the flip side "Feel Like Giving Up", Haven't heard that in 30 years. Thanks.