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Friday, October 12, 2012


Made up of the teenage/ preteen siblings of the Goggins (Ricky, Hank & Ronald) and Sudduth (Hedda, David, Wendell) families plus friends Juwanna Glover and Carl Monroe, Chicago's Eight Minutes waxed what is perhaps my favorite so-called "kiddie soul" track after being discovered by their neighbor Doris Jones. This record was recorded twice; once as their debut (after changing their name from The Soul Impacts to The Eight Minutes) and again a year later (in a stronger performance).

The group played all of the instruments on the records they cut for Jay Pee Records between 68-69 (I have another that I'm bound to feature at some point). This type of thing seems unfathomable today, especially when one takes into account that a few of their records did well in Chicago.

The group was eventually signed to Perception Records, who released an LP and a few more singles from the group; however, they were replaced with studio musicians for the recordings. A pity, as a major part of the charm of this record is the performance. The drumming may veer on unsteady at points, but DAMN does it groove!

Numero Group featured this on their excellent Home Schooled: The ABC's Of Kid Soul comp from a few years back. As with every other soul compilation from Numero, I recommend you BUY it immediately.

from 1968...


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Desmond said...

Is this the 'Stronger Performance" ?
That hold on the organ is pretty sophisticated, really brings everything together sonically.