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Friday, October 19, 2012


Not only is "Chills And Fever" one of the greatest r&b songs of all time, but it also signalled the beginning of one man's incredible career in music.

The original (Detroit) release credited Johnny Love as being the artist, but when it was picked up for national distribution by Dot Records (infamous for licensing a mind-boggling array of records veering from junk to treasure) the name was changed to Ronnie Dove.

Turns out the man behind the record was neither Love nor Dove, but one Ron Dunbar. Ron ended up becoming one of the most prolific writers in Detroit this side of Holland-Dozier-Holland, and his name appears on a mind-boggling assortment of writing credits, including "Patches" (written with the late, great General Johnson), and "Band Of Gold". Ron also had a hand in A&R work, most notably with Holland-Dozier-Holland when they split from Motown c1968 to form their Invictus/ Hot Wax label/ production company.

While "Chills & Fever' is obviously a take on Little Willie John's immortal "Fever', this records fires up the tempo with a tank-full of high-octane Detroit fuel, making it one of the quintessential records which signaled the beginnings of Detroit soul.

from 1960...



Bira Bird said...

check out this Jack Oblivian cover....

AndrewT said...

There was another Ronnie Dove on Diamond Records who had 11 Top 40 hits in the 60's. I doubt if it is the same fellow; his songs were more soft-pop and love ballads. Worth looking into.

Derek See said...

yeah, that's ronnie dove, this is ronnie love.