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Thursday, October 18, 2012


                                          Ron Holder c1966

I was sad to hear from a friend a few days back that lead singer/ co-writer Ron Holder of the fantastic group Saturday's Children has passed away. A friend of his was kind enough to share the fantastic photo of Ron taken back around the time this record was released. Look closely at both the back wall and drum head to see "Saturday's Children" proudly on display.

I thought I had featured this record here a few years back, but it got lost in the cracks of both my brain and my 45 shelves. There's no time like now, though, to share this excellent Beatle-esque number! Ron Holder and Geoff Boyan acted as the groups' Lennon/McCartney and penned tunes that were sophisticated, catchy and a perfect fit for those times AND these times. The group certainly deserved the success they never achieved, as they were clearly a talented bunch on every front. The group *did* open for the Beach Boys at McCormick Place in Chicago in 1966, which was probably one of the most exciting moments of their too-short career.

Saturday's Children released three 45's; one of which is the incredible Christmas single 'Deck Five b/w Christmas Sounds" that I traditionally repost every December around here.

from 1966...



AndrewT said...

Thanks Derek. The Dunwich stuff was always popular in the Midwest. I remember spinning this on the campus radio station and getting real good feedback. Another lost gem from a class act.

3kw said...

Thanks for posting this rarely heard gem.
My memory is foggy about another song which I think came from Saturday's Children. It began "In the land of milk and honey..." but was titled simply "Milk and Honey." I reemember spinning that one on our campus radio station in Illinois in the late 60's.

Morgan Young said...

Wasn't Tom Schiffour of the Shadows of Knight in Saturday's Children prior? If so, is he on this track?

Billy Mahoney said...

Ron is my father-in-law (RIP). He was amazing man and we miss him dearly Thank you so much for this post. It really brightens our hearts to see him remembered so dear.