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Monday, October 8, 2012


Love for The Impressions was widespread in 1960's Jamaica, and the model of a three-man harmony group was just as prevalent on the island during the era as it was in the United States (The Wailers being another famous example).

Formed in 1965 by Leroy Sibbles, Earl Morgan and Barry Llewellyn (initially as The Hep Ones), the group was quickly spotted by producer/ talent scout Clement Dodd (Mr Coxsone) which began a very prolific career for the group, in all of their beautiful harmonic glory.

I love the music of the rocksteady era (especially the way it turned the beat of American soul music inside out), and while the majority of my collection tends to be on more modern compilations I occasionally snag some of these old gems on 45 which I always love to present here. To me, this track is as fine a representation of this great group as any- the track has an otherworldly, ethereal quality which is one of my favorite aspects of the sound.

from 1967...


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