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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


First off, a confession- I am downright obsessed with this record, and it's probably an unhealthy obsession. Not only the song itself, but the overall production is one of the greatest I've ever heard.

I've listened to this record so many times in a row, trying to absorb every element of its magic; the first thing that's striking is the plink-plink muted guitar part that runs thru the song. Perhaps because I just downright love reverb-ed guitar, and being a guitarist myself this to me is one of the coolest hooks I've ever heard!

When Tutti Hill's vocal comes in, if you don't instantly melt, check your pulse and other vital signs. She delivers this ultra cool performance that oozes confidence and extreme vocal prowess. As I also produce music myself (with The Bang Girl Group Revue) in this style, I am constantly drawing upon the resource of the music I love for ideas on WHAT is happening sonically; just listen to how loud Tutti's vocals are mixed; they are RIGHT THERE and so tangible, while the backing chorus of girls gently sway amidst that lovely reverb. This record takes on a few of the Spector wall of sound techniques but strips away the layers and leaves something far more human and earthy, while still having that other worldly mysterious quality. Basically everything I'd ever want to achieve sonically in a studio happens on this track.

Tutti's vocal style is reminiscent of Mary Wells, and Mary herself cut this song a few years later. While I practically worship every Mary Wells record, her version is great but *this* is the version.

This seems to be the only release from this shadowy Tutti Hill figure. WHO IS SHE????

from 1964...



drew said...

When is the Bang Girl Group album going to be released?

Derek See said...

Hi Drew-

VERY soon; just waiting on delivery from the pressing plant. First the artwork (much of which is hand drawn) took longer than expected, then there was a pressing plant delay.

YankeeBoy said...

Even before I read your notes I was thinking Mary Wells. What a great record.

stogie2u said...

I have a recording by Ms. Hill in my files called " Baby Take It Slow". I have no idea if this is the "B" side to todays post or a completely different record. I just thought you'd be interested in knowing this. Please keep up the great work.

Derek See said...

Interesting, Stogie. That is definitely not the B side to this 45!

stogie2u said...

It's a rather common sounding girl group tune. It nothing like the song you posted.