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Monday, October 29, 2012


Today's entry is dedicated to the people in New York and the surrounding areas; stay dry and be safe.

I get several emails every week from folks who want me to check out their bands, due to this site and request me to write about them. As a musician myself, I certainly understand wanting to get the music out there, but most of the time it's nothing like what I feature nor has it been pressed on wax. I'm stoked that Freqnik & WDRE contacted me, because their new single is a flat out jam!

Brief history- in the '70's as hip-hop was in its infancy stages, B-Boy's were dudes who waited for drum breaks on old school soul/ funk records at which point they would bust out their best dance moves during the break; hello break dancing!

I really love who this New York City duo has incorporated the vibe of 1970's break dancing and added their own unique twist to the procedure. Full on retro can be fantastic in many cases, but when artists take something old and make it their own, THAT is truly admirable. The accompanying video is killer as well. So happy to have a brand new joint to feature on this site!

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JH said...

Loved it!

Philippe Erville said...

love that funk! born and raised in NYC and living there in the beginning of hip hop, this cut has the feel that brought back many memories. will be lookin' out for these cats. thanks for adding something fresh to this great site.