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Thursday, October 25, 2012


even though they weren't from Nashville and weren't a teenage band, I would never file false advertising charges against this group from the rustic and posh London suburb of Surrey. These fellas were one of the strongest groups of the British Invasion and played beat-driven and HARD, no doubt seasoned from their experience playing night after night in Hamburg; it was here where the group backed Jerry Lee Lewis on his punk-rock Live At The Star Club LP. 

On this record, the group is produced by Rolling Stones maven Andrew Loog Oldham, who was taking cues from the Phil Spector style of BIG and chaotic production, but with a unique twist. I *love* how he cranks the reverb on the guitar solo section while an ominous electric piano drones away creating a mood.

Along the way, the group shows off some creative vocals harmonies and basically just kicks it big time for a blink-and-you-miss-it 1:50. One minute and fifty seconds of perfection.

from 1965...



YankeeBoy said...

Unfortunately, back in the day, this got NO radio airplay at all - at least in NYC. But what a great record. Almost as good as "Find My Way Back Home" which to this day still stands as one of the greatest R&R 45's ever - at least in my opinion.

Derek See said...

I agree! That's a GREAT record.

Russ said...

BTW Surrey is not a suburb of London. Surrey is a county (similar to a state in the US) in the south east of England near London.

Saying it is a suburb of London is a little like saying New Jersey is a suburb of New York City.

The Nashville Teens were from Weybridge, a town in Surrey