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Saturday, October 27, 2012


Even though this record is an obscurity (to put it mildly), there are three label variations that were pressed. This tells me that either each run was incredibly limited and the song did well enough locally to be repressed twice. From what I can gather, Herman George cut one record in Detroit in the late '60's and by the time of this (I believe his second and final release) he was living in the isolated Ft Wayne, IN area.

The track is so great it makes me easily forget that he rhymes "high" with "sky" numerous times!

from c1975...


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drlaim said...

You are costing me a small fortune. First £30 for Tutti Hill and now searching the net for J.R. Bailey and now this piece of wonder. It's OK for you living in America where old vinyl is bountiful, try Scotland... Jeez, it's bad enough with all the shitty weather but to a music lover, especially of old vinyl, it's a desert. Thank god for the web!.. But not the same as crate digging.

Quite like that Nashville Teens single... See, there's another one on the list...