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Monday, October 4, 2010


Phew, take a look at that record; looks like it wouldn't play at all, but as the transfer shows, it sounds great! More proof of the absolute magic of these little records (and a testament to their durability!)

This Chicago group was made up of three brothers and two others and lasted a scant three years. This was their biggest local hit which sadly never broke nationally. In this day and age of auto-tuning everything and losing any "human" edges, I quite enjoy how some of the backing vocals are slightly out of tune (it just adds to the charm of the record!) Sounds both a few years ahead of its time and also a few years behind to me, as the sweeter group vocal sound became popular again around 1970, but with a musical arrangement that hearkened back to 1964. Trends were changing so quickly during the 60s that three years was practically a lifetime! However, for the modern listener/ fanatic, it's all swell, right?

from 1967...

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Jem said...

Good tune. Thank you!