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Thursday, October 21, 2010


While MUCH attention (here and elsewhere) has been given to Eddie's funkier later works (and for good reason, as they are some of the most jaw dropping records to ever come out of New Orleans) his earlier r&b material tends to be overlooked, which is a travesty!

Rollicking away in that inimitable NOLA style, but with a raw edge that hints at the developing soul sound, this is a fine, fine record and yet another Bo track to get excited about. This is yet another one that almost slipped thru the cracks; I've had it ripped to MP3 for a few years and if there was no random play on itunes, it may well have escaped my memory banks.

from 1960...


Jem said...

Excellent record. I had never heard this one before. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Nice I prefer the late 50's early 60's 45rpm you share Thanks.