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Saturday, October 16, 2010


This is one of those records where everything simply clicks; the vocals, musicians and the arrangement are simply spot on. No surprise that it was a hit in the UK, but sadly never made a dent in the US.

The Merseys rose from the ashes of The Merseybeats; a Liverpool band that shared the stage with the Beatles many times at the Cavern Club. The group had some big UK hits but never broke through in America. Tony Crane and Billy Kinsey, original Merseybeats, became the Merseys and it's that pair you hear on this disc laying down those incredible harmonies.

The original version of this song is by the US group The McCoys, and it was later famously covered by David Bowie on his "Pinups" LP. To my ears though, THIS version is unBEATable.

from 1966...


EXPO67 said...

Your readers may want to take a trip over to my blog where I've posted some Merseys action with some great lookin' European picture sleeves of 'Sorrow'


John DeAngelis said...

George Harrison sings the first line of "Sorrow" ("With your long blonde hair and your eyes of blue") on the fade-out of "It's All To Much".

Jem said...

Thank you! I hadn't heard this in many years. I had almost forgotten it.