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Monday, October 18, 2010


Sometimes the only thing that seems right to ease into the working week is a nice funky instrumental and that's what I'm feelin' today. There's lots of loose rules when collecting records, and one of them that I've observed is that when a record has the word "boogaloo" in the title, it's gonna be good. This one, heated up southern style, certainly doesn't disappoint!

I'm only guessing the year. If anyone knows any other info, please let me know!

from c1968...


Anonymous said...

This is the same band that did the great Pressure Cooker, recorded at FAME studios down in Muscle Shoals and picked up by Atco in 1969. The also did Gil 1025, The Hippie b/w The Hustler. W.

Jem said...

Alright! This is excellent. Thank you!