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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Brenda Lee Melson was Brenda Lee Jones, mysteriously re-named for this record. Brenda's career included a run in the group Dean & Jean (she was Jean) as well as working with artists such as Tmmy Tucker and Groove Holmes. Born in Ohio, she fled to New York at a young age and had a recording career that lasted many years.

Plain and simply, this is a fun record that would never take a prize as an unforgettable song, but every now and then I sure can dig some good mindless fun; especially when it involves a hot rhythm section and a voice as powerful as Brenda's!

from 1967...


Jem said...

Thank you!

Peter Nuzum said...

Her married name was Brenda Melson whereas her birth name was Jones. No idea why she used her married name for this disk.