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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Yes, all, it's been three years since the birth of this blog. Thanks to all of the kind appreciative emails I receive every day from folks around the world it has lasted far longer than I would have ever imagined.

So, as a thank you to all of you who offer moral support, here are two compilations- one soul, one beat- of the best of the first year of posting; all of these files are long deleted from download but they are too good not to share! I selected the tracks by personal faves as well as those that get the most requests. Look for the best of year two, coming soon.

1 Heartbeat 2:31 Gloria Jones
2 Losing Game 2:03 James Carr
3 Magic Corner 3:15 Belita Woods
4 Cause You're Mine 2:12 The Vibrations
5 Soul Is Takin Over 2:49 Henry Lumpkin
6 Illusion 2:43 Bob Brady & The Con Chords
7 Gotta Find A Way 2:03 Theresa Lindsay
8 Some Other Guy 2:20 Richie Barrett
9 I'm A Good Woman 2:21 Barbara Lynn
10 Aint That A Shame 2:38 Lonnie Lester
11 Blowing Up My Mind! 2:48
12 Confessin A Feeling 2:50
13 Rainbow 2:52 Gene Chandler
14 I'm Shakin' 2:27 Little Willie John
15 I Surrender 2:05 Eddie Holman
16 Crazy In Love 2:54 Robbie Montgomery
17 Breakaway 2:18 Toni Basil
18 Cry To Me 2:33 Solomon Burke
19 Peak Of Love 2:39 Bobby McClure
20 Our Love Is In The Pocket 2:46 J.J Barnes
21 Everybodys Goin To The Love In 2:48 Bob Brady & The Con Chords
22 Grounded 2:37 Belita Woods
23 Little Miss Perfect 3:10 Jimmy Dobbins
24 You Better Stop It 2:23 Barbara Mason
25 Echo 2:27 Brenda Holloway
26 I Don't Want A Playboy 1:51 Barbara Lynn
27 Sorry Bout That 2:54 Al Reed
28 After Laughter 2:58 Wendy Rene
29 The Funky Judge 2:52 Alice & The Soul Sensations
30 All Good Things Must End 3:02 The Topics
31 Picture Me Gone 3:17 Evie Sands

1 Scratch My Back 3:03 Tony Joe White
2 Step Inside Love 2:17 Cilla Black
3 Dont Give Me No Lip 2:17 Dave Berry
4 Mystic Eyes 2:44 Them
5 Almost There 2:14 The Turtles
6 Shake 2:29 Shadows Of Knight
7 Whatcha Gonna Do About It 1:59 Small Faces
8 Hurtin For Your Love 2:03 The Balloon Farm
9 Making Time 3:00 The Creation
10 Shaka Shaka Na Na 2:36 The Countdown Five
11 99th Floor 2:16 Moving Sidewalks
12 Just Out Of Reach 2:08 The Zombies
13 Mr Soul (45 RPM mix) 2:36 Burffalo Springfield
14 Let Me Love You 2:15 New Colony Six
15 Pickin Up Sticks 2:39 Kasnat & Katz Fighter Squadron
16 East Side Story 2:26 Bob Seger & The Last Heard
17 Listen Listen 2:37 Merry Go Round
18 No No No No 2:20 Danish Lost and Found
19 Jumbo 2:08 The Bee Gee's
20 Tried To Hide (45 RPM take) 2:20 13th Floor Elevators
21 Leavin Here 2:23 Jimmy Hanna & The Dynamics
22 My Reservations Confirmed 2:51
23 Beauty Queen 1:55 The Herd
24 Omaha 2:20 Moby Grape
25 Babys A Dealer 2:21 Lilys
26 Shes Got Everything 3:07 The Kinks
27 Hide And Seek 3:34 Brian Jonestown Massacre
28 A Question Of Tempature 2:38 The Balloon Farm
29 Sometimes Shes A Little Girl 2:37 Boyce & Hart
30 Think About It 3:46 The Yardbirds
31 Hey Gyp 2:57 The Soul Survivors
32 Stop And Look 2:02 The Id


soulboy said...

many many thanks
very much appreciated
long may you continue.A lot of your posts have brought back so many memories of the all night clubs I used to go to in the 60's.--Feliz CumpleaƱos.

Z j A k said...

Thanks and more thanks for the joy you give ! Happy birthday and I wish you five more years of succes !

Anonymous said...

Hi, Derek Daily, congratulations for three years and for sharing so many great songs.
thanks. muchas gracias. jesumba.madrid

Z j A k said...

And your supaselecta is "best post this week" on >jammagica.blogspot.com< !

Anonymous said...

Hi Derek, I think track No,22 is missing from the Beat comp,regards , John...Ps, and thank you for all the very cool 45's you share with us.

Jem said...

Congratulations and happy birthday Derek's Daily 45! And thank you so much for putting these compilations together. Truly marvelous. Thank you!!!

C. von Grumpy said...

Thank you for sharing your collection and your wisdom every day, it is duly appreciated
Cyrille in France

Greenockian said...

Ta very much me ole mucker!

brianbrora said...

Congrats on your 3 years, long may you continue. Nice idea with the compilations. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

You are a god among men. Christmas has come early!!!!

Lovin' it.

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd birthday from Londontown! Derek, you're always welcome here, and thanks for all the great music, and wisdom, that you provide throughout the year. The grooves that you posted sustained me while I was abroad working and always brought a smile to my face. Please don't ever stop posting!! There's just too much great music out there! Alejandro. London

YankeeBoy said...

Wow, Happy Birthday. I can't even count how many times you have sent me scurrying over to Gemm Music or Ebay looking for original copies of something I heard for the first time on your blog. Thanks and keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, Derek, and thanks a bunch for your ongoin efforts much appreciated here

best greetings from Italy


bertofsoul said...

Congrats! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great music, interesting observations, fab scans, etc. W.

Jeffrey Siegel said...

A very happy birthday and keep those blasts from the pasts coming - I've got alot more room on my iPod!

Derek See said...

you are all so kind! Thanks for such encouraging and sweet words!

Albion said...

fantastic birthday treat, some great tunes, just need a search feature on the blog to find out the info on each track, but im just being picky. thanks

Anonymous said...

Derek: Congrats on the DD45 anniversary! Looking forward to hearing tunes I missed from the first year.
– Donald C. from the Windy City

Whataride said...

Thanks for sharing. I only recently learned ofthe site and started receiving daily mp3's. I real enjoy the comentary and the music. Often wondered about old songs I missed. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the introduction to so many amazing records! Without Derek's Daily 45 I may never have heard the likes of Edwin Starr's "You're My Mellow", The Delicates, "Stop Shovin' Me Around", and Luther Ingram's "If It's All the Same To You" - all 3 amongst my top favourites! So, happy birthday Derek's Daily 45 - may you have many more. Marie

Darcy said...

Belated congrats and thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

As someone who missed year one & possibly half of year two all I can say about these best of mixes is...WOW!
Thank you for your contiued enthusiasm for your blog & long may it continue.


Anonymous said...


Congratulations, keep doing your thang!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Derek, the Robbie Montgomery track was a revelation.
It's an answer song to a little known song from 1964 by The Night Crawlers(RnB group)called A Fool In Love.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much and congratulations Derek. I know it takes a lot of work and research for you to "do your Stuff". Here's one old Manchester Lad who's spirits are revived with music...

Anonymous said...

Amazing selections...Much appreciated


N Wales

todd@openingbands.com said...

I forgot this was where I got the rip of "Hurtin' for Your Love"! It's been great being able to listen to it more often than on holidays back home where the turntable is. Thanks again.

Johnny said...

I'm coming to the party late, but I'm glad I found your site! Absolutely amazing! Keep rocking it out brother.

Anonymous said...

this looks amazing
any way you could repost it?

tonewaweru said...

I started following this blog way too late apparently. Does anyone have the links to this if still active?