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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The first thing I'll say about this record is that the drumming is an absolute force of nature! All those funky, offbeat accents remind me of the kinds of things Jaki Leibezitz did in the '70's with German group Can. Powerful enough to almost obliterate the goofy backing vocals, which is nicely done by Ms Carr's powerhouse vocals (for some reason on this record an "a" disappeared from her name and she was Barbra, not Barbara. Probably just a typo?)

Other highlights are the almost New Orleans-sounding horn chart and the surprise that happens around the 2:00 mark. A very unique Chicago record, unlike anything else!

from 1967...


Jem said...

And yet another excellent side. Thank you! I'm shakin' my head, YES!

Tony Russell said...

fantastic tune,lovely on my Sunday night...shaking my head alright!!