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Friday, October 8, 2010

Images of soul

This collection of rare promo shots is simply too good not to be shared (no, I do not own original prints). These are rarely seen shots that put a face to our heroes!

Alder Ray

Vickie Anderson

Tony Clarke:

The Spinners:

The Soul Sisters

Ruby Andrews

The Radiants

Patti Drew

Otis Redding

Otis Clay

Maxine Brown

Maxine Brown

Lorraine Ellison

Lee Rogers

Jackie Beavers

Freddie Scott

Fontella Bass

The Falcons

Fabulous Peps

Dyke & The Blazers

The Diplomats

Deon Jackson

The Dells

The Dells

The Delicates

The Delfonics

The Daisies

The Crystals

The COD's

Chris Clark

The Chi-Lites

The Chiffons

The Chi-Lites

Candi Staton

The Chi-Lites

Brenda & The Tabulations

The Bobbettes

Bob Brady & The Con Chords

The Blue Notes

Billy Butler

Bettye Swan

Barbara & Brenda

Barbara Acklin

The Astors

The Artistics

The Artistics


Anonymous said...

I'm practically speechless! They are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing these images, Derek.

Anonymous said...

I just realized that you and Jocelyn from This Is Northern Soul must have access to the same treasure trove. She let me use her copy of the same Barbara and Brenda a few weeks ago. Ah, the generosity of soul fans . . .

Anonymous said...

Derek, I was wondering if you could let me know if it would be alright for me to use the photo of Candi Staton in my next posting? I'll give you credit, of course. Thanks in advance.

Jacqui said...
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Jacqui said...

Lee Rogers and Jackie Beavers are my favorites!

ana-b said...

Thank you. So many in there I'd never seen before.

That's a beautiful shot of Loraine Ellison...and damn, Lee Rogers look like just as much trouble as I imagined.

Derek See said...

Marie (as well as anyone else), you are welcome to use anything off of my blog.

Anonymous said...

Absolute treasure trove! Thanks. Can't tell you how much I love your blog. W.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pics and the sons you send me by email. Regards Dave.

Mr Double Down said...

Great Post!

munchkin59 said...


soulie said...

tip top foto's mate thanks for the share