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Thursday, October 14, 2010


A few months back, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Linda Lyndell, for the "Soul Up North" 'zine. The new issue, with that interview, is now available!

It was a great pleasure interviewing Linda, who broke into song at many points during the interview and I must say, her voice is as strong today as it was in the '60's!

Linda only released two singles, both for Stax/Volt, during her career. Seems the Memphis KKK did not approve of a beautiful blonde white woman working in an interracial scene at Stax and she and her family began receiving death threats which stopped her career in its tracks. Sadly, we only have two records that feature Linda as lead vocalist- this gem and the mighty "What A Man". Fortunately, when en Vogue + Salt N Pepa covered/ reworked "what A Man" they used a sample of Linda's actual original master recording, so Linda finally (and deservedly!) made some money off of that record.

This, her debut 45, was recorded in Jackson, MS, became a minor hit in the UK, and has been a favorite on the soul scene ever since.

from 1968...


brianbrora said...

Great track and a great voice!

Jem said...

Excellent song and singer. Thank you